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  • Home Tab

    The Home tab is the first screen you will see when you open up your app.




    From here you can find all of our latest market news and Insights. Just scroll to find our recent articles from the previous days. Each new post will appear here.

  • The Stocks Tab


    This page contains all of our stock picks and is split into our ‘Stock of the Month’ list and our Shortlist. 

    'Stock of the Month' selections are found at the top of the page. Here you can scroll from left to right to see the previous 6 months' worth of selections. Alternatively, you can click ‘See All’ and you will find all our Stock of the Month picks from the beginning. 

    Directly below the Stock of the Month, you can see the section called 'Stocks', this …

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  • The Watchlist Tab


    This page is just for you! Here, all stocks that you choose to add to your watchlist will appear.

    Each of your chosen stocks will be displayed with the stock name, the date you added it to your watchlist, and its performance (1 Day and Since Added).

    This should help you to evaluate a stock based on its performance over a period of time.

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  • The Search Function


    The search function helps you to find any articles, stocks, and podcasts. You can use this to find stocks that aren’t on our shortlist and are on the U.S. stock market. 

    For iPhone users, this can be found in the home tab and the ‘Stocks’ tab. 

    For Android users, this can be found in the ‘Stocks’ tab.

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  • The Portfolio Tab


    The Portfolio tab is available for people who have a pre-existing MyWallSt Academy brokerage account. The portfolio tab is where your this account is linked. Pre-existing you have a fully linked investment account you can see all your investments in one neat portfolio here. 

    You will see your overall portfolio value, performance, and return displayed at the top of the page. 

    Underneath is a list of all your investments in this account. You can then click into each company in your portfolio …

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  • The Learn Tab


    The Learn tab features all the lessons from our much-loved educational app Learn, integrated directly into the MyWallSt app. These 40 short but useful lessons will help you to kickstart your investing journey. Written by our expert investing team, you can learn the ins and outs of how to invest and why we value a long-term investing mindset here at MyWallSt.

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  • Cancelling Your Apple-based Subscription

    If your subscription is processed by Apple's App Store, then the below instructions will help you cancel through the app, or directly via the App Store

    1. Open the MyWallSt mobile app
    2. Navigate to the Side Menu
    3. Tap Manage Subscription
    4. Manage
    5. You will be brought to your App Store Account
    6. Navigate to your Subscriptions
    7. Tap MyWallSt
    8. Cancel Subscription


    If you have attempted to cancel your subscription but it hasn’t worked, then you have probably tried to cancel in the wrong place. 

    Our subscriptions …

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