Horizon & MyWallSt

How will Horizon help me? 

While the MyWallSt app is there to help you get started on your investing journey, it has a more DIY approach to the service it provides. 

Horizon, on the other hand, is there for you to copy the investing decisions of MyWallSt’s co-Founder and CIO, Emmet Savage.

Horizon also provides you with: 

  • An inside look every time Emmet adds a new stock, increases his position, or sells stock in Horizon
  • 24/7 access to Horizon and our regularly updated track record.
  • An invitation to join the Horizon Community, a group of highly-engaged, intelligent investors
  • Exclusive access to Emmet’s interviews with CEOs of companies that make up the Horizon portfolio
  • VIP discounts on new product releases and free admission to select events
  • Full access to our MyWallSt app so you can invest with our Advisory service 

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Horizon & MyWallSt

The difference between Horizon & MyWallSt

The MyWallSt app is there to help you get started on your investing journey. It helps you to set up your brokerage account, gives you access to a shortlist of great companies that we have hand-selected, and helps you to build a long-term mindset.

MyWallSt access gives you: 

  • Daily insights
  • Daily market news
  • Our weekly podcast released every Friday
  • A shortlist of handpicked stocks
  • Our Stock of the Month pick
  • A new stock pick added each month
  • Expert analysis for every stock in our shortlist

MyWallSt fosters a DIY approach, however, this is not for everyone. Some people want to get inspired and see the exact moves (and copy) of highly successful investors like Emmet, our Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer.

That’s where our premium product Horizon can help. In Horizon, you can watch Emmet in real-time as he builds his long-term portfolio, copy his moves or get insights into the strategies he is using. You also gain access to an active and useful community of Horizon members who regularly discuss different aspects of the investing world. 

MyWallSt and Horizon can be used together or separately. You can use Horizon to look over Emmet’s shoulder on what he’s buying and why, while also investing and getting more ideas for great stocks from MyWallSt to build your own unique portfolio.

Is MyWallSt Included in my Horizon subscription?

Yes, MyWallSt is included in the subscription price of Horizon. Once you have access to Horizon, you will also be able to use the same credentials to log into our MyWallSt web app. Or, you can download the MyWallSt app via Apple’s App Store or Google Play and then log in. 

Can I access Horizon through the MyWallSt app?

Not yet, MyWallSt and Horizon live on different platforms, and as such, Horizon is not available through the app currently. You can only access Horizon through the Horizon web app.

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