How to Fund

Before you can invest, you will need to add funds to your advisory account. When funding it typically takes three business days for deposited funds to be approved and appear in your advisory account.  

Occasionally you may see your deposit deducted from your bank before becoming visible in your advisory account. If this occurs there is no need to worry, this is expected behaviour as the funds need to be cleared and allocated once they reach the broker's bank.

Please follow the below steps to add funds to your MyWallSt Advisory account and start investing. 

  1. Navigate to the Portfolio tab of the MyWallSt app.

  2. Open your account menu but tapping ... (in the top right-hand corner).

  3. Choose Deposit

  4. Choose funding method.

  5. Follow the provided steps to fund your account.

If you believe your funding process has taken longer than three business days, please contact MyWallSt Advisory via

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