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  • Updating Your Billing Information

    If you have subscribed to Horizon directly via our website, you can use the below steps in order to update your payment information.

    1. Open Horizon and log in.
    2. Select Account from the side menu bar on the home page
    3. Beneath your subscription details, choose Manage

    Here you will see your Current Plan, Billing History, and the ability to ‘Add a Payment Method’



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  • How To Find Our Podcasts?


    Struggling to find our podcasts? Luckily, there is an easy way to find them within our app! All you need to do is: 

    1. Open the app
    2. Click on the search function (top right of the home page for iOS users / top right of Stocks tab for Android users)
    3. Don’t type anything, but instead scroll down and you will find the options for our First Looks, our Stock Club podcast, and our Stock of the Month Podcast. 
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  • How Often Do We Release Our Podcasts?


    We publish a new episode of the Stock Club podcast every Friday

  • Who Hosts The Podcasts?


    The podcast team is a mix of several people; on any podcast, you can find Emmet, Anne-Marie, Mike — or a special guest on occasion — discussing the stock market and providing different points of view. 


  • How Do I Make A Suggestion For A Future Podcast?


    Has an up-and-coming stock taken your fancy? Do you want to hear more about it from our investing team? Then, just pop a message over to the podcast team via

    We might not get round to all your suggestions, so, if you want, you can send a message over to and we will try to include your suggestion in future topics for our blog.

  • Contact Us Via Email


    If you wish to get in contact with us via email, then all you need to do is email


    We will aim to respond within 24 hours.


  • Contact Us Via Chat


    You can contact us via the chat function in our MyWallSt app - just navigate to the side menu from the Home screen and scroll down until you see the 'Contact Us' option





    Alternatively, you can contact us via the website. Just use the chat bubble that you can see in the bottom righ hand corner of the screen.


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