Settlement Period

Please be advised, after selling share positions there is a two business day settlement period that takes place before you can withdraw the resulting balance. Once this period is complete you should be able to withdraw your funds.

If you have recently sold shares and it has passed this two business day settlement period but you are still having difficulty withdrawing please contact MyWallSt Advisory via

Holding Period

If you are trying to withdraw funds that were previously deposited within the last 30/60 days, then this could apply to you.

MyWallSt Advisory's clearing broker, DriveWealth, has a policy that means any funds deposited into an investment account can be subject to a 30/60 day hold before they are then allowed to be withdrawn again. You can find the full funding and withdrawal policy document on the DriveWealth website.

The holding periods are as follows:

  • 30-day hold for any deposits from ACH accounts, TransferWise, or MoneyCloud (includes SEPA)

  • 60-day hold for any deposits made with a Credit or Debit card.

If you would like to confirm that this is the case and discuss it further, please contact MyWallSt Advisory via

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