Manage Subscription

You can view your current subscription, change your subscription type, or cancel your subscription via the Manage Subscription option in the Side Menu of the MyWallSt app. 

View Active Subscription

  1. Open the Side Menu of the MyWallSt app.

  2. Tap Manage Subscription.

  3. Subscription information is displayed including your 'Renewal Date'.

Change Subscription Type 

  1. Open the Side Menu of the MyWallSt app.

  2. Tap Manage Subscription.

  3. Choose Annual Subscription.

Cancel Your Subscription

Via MyWallSt App

  1. Open MyWallSt.

  2. Navigate to the Side Menu.

  3. Tap Manage Subscription.

  4. Manage.

  5. You will be brought to your App/Play Store Account.

  6. Navigate to your Subscriptions.

  7. Tap MyWallSt.

  8. Cancel Subscription.

Via MyWallSt on the Web

  1. Follow this link.

  2. Cancel Subscription.

- Or -

  1. Open MyWallSt on the web and Log In.

  2. Select More in the bottom left-hand corner.

  3. Choose Account.

  4. Cancel Subscription.

    Unsubscribing will prevent you from viewing any of MyWallSt's analysis or market new content. If you choose to unsubscribe, you will retain access to your portfolio/brokerage account via the Portfolio tab in-app.

Cancel Your Subscription Directly via Device 

Cancel Via iOS Settings

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone/iPad.

  2. Choose iTunes & App Stores.

  3. Tap on your Apple ID.

  4. View Apple ID

  5. Enter Password or use Touch ID.

  6. Choose Subscriptions.

  7. Tap MyWallSt

  8. Cancel Subscription.

Cancel Via Google Play Store

  1. Open Google Play Store on your Android device.

  2. Open the Side Menu.

  3. Choose Subscriptions. 

  4. Tap MyWallSt.

  5. Cancel Subscription.

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