Why was the Portfolio tab removed?

What has changed?

With the release of MyWallSt’s latest app version (7.1), the Portfolio tab has been removed.

Portfolio access, for those with MyWallSt Advisory accounts, is now available through our new web-app.


Why was the Portfolio tab removed?

As MyWallSt and MyWallSt Advisory continue to grow, we will always make decisions that we feel best serve our members. The move to the web allows us to take advantage of an upgraded and more reliable integration version with our brokerage partners, DriveWealth.

This integration update is both beneficial and a necessity as DriveWealth are removing support for the old integration version which our apps were built on. Given the complexity of the mobile build and the timeframe we had to move to the new integration, it was not possible for us to develop the new portfolio feature in-app. Had we attempted to maintain the old integration version in-app it would have quickly become unstable leading to a poor member experience. 

The web-app is dynamic and runs very smoothly on both mobile and desktop browsers. If you would like to add quick ‘app style’ access on mobile, we have written a how-to article for both iPhone and Android that explains the steps for adding a portfolio link directly to your device’s home screen.


What influenced our decision? 

We realise how valuable it is to view your portfolio from within our MyWallSt mobile application and the decision to remove it was not taken lightly by the team here in MyWallSt. From speaking to our community over the past few months, we’ve come to realise that there are lots of other features that are valued just as much, if not more, than the brokerage functionality. Given the complexity of the new mobile brokerage integration, it left little time for us to improve the stock research features that are helping members to successfully own their financial future. So, in order to improve the overall app experience, whilst also offering a method for portfolio access, we made the decision to move to a web platform for brokerage.


What the future holds

In early 2021, we put the wheels in motion to create our own Registered Investment Advisory subsidiary to ensure we were able to continue to provide amazing investment products to our growing community. MyWallSt Advisory is only getting started and we’ve some exciting plans for the next 12 months. The creation of a new web platform that sits outside the MyWallSt apps is an important first step. 

We intend to work towards in-app inclusion for future versions, however, the timeline for this is uncertain. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and will be asking lots of you to get involved in helping us improve our products.

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