The Academy Course Outline


Module One:

Day 1-3

  • Welcome to The Fundamentals of Stock Investing.
  • Long Term Investing, Why It Works.
  • The Three Traits of Successful Investing.

Module Two:

Day 3-5

  • Finding Stock Ideas.
  • First Look.

Day 5-8

  • Left Brain: P/E Ratio and EPS.
  • Left Brain: Enterprise Value.
  • Left Brain: Insider Ownership.
  • Left Brain: Return on Equity.
  • Left Brain: Sales Growth.

Day 8-11

  • Right Brain: Company Culture.
  • Right Brain: Competitive Advantage. 
  • Right Brain: Evangelist Customers.
  • Right Brain: Growing Industry.
  • Right Brain: Visionary Leader.

Module Three:

Day 11-13

  • Other Considerations.
  • Introduction to the investing journal.

Live Feedback Session:

Day 14

  • Several stock pitches submitted by attendees will be assessed live by Emmet.

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