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What is the Refer Friends feature?

Pretty simply, Refer Friends lets you refer new subscribers to MyWallSt at a discount of $20 to them, and a reward of $20 to you for spreading the word. 

As a MyWallSt Premium subscriber, you have a unique referral code which you can share with anyone you know who you think might be interested. They can use this code to redeem their subscription at the discounted price of $79 per year. Once they’ve subscribed, we’ll send you a $20 virtual reward. 

Do I need to be a MyWallSt Premium subscriber to refer others?

Yes, at present this feature is only available to active MyWallSt Premium subscribers.

How do I get my code?

You can find your unique referral code in the left-hand menu of our app; look for the 'Refer Friend' button. 

How many people can I refer?

At present, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer and, accordingly, no limit to the amount of rewards you can earn. 

Is there a time limit for redeeming the offer?

No; the referral offer isn’t time-restricted, your unique code will be active as long as your account is. Users that you share your code with can redeem it any time. 

How does the reward work?

The $20 reward is offered through Rybbon, which allows users to redeem their reward through virtual debit cards e.g. Visa, or gift cards for a huge range of stores and services in your local region. This gives you the flexibility to use the reward as you best see fit. 

Here’s how you can expect it to work: 

  1. We confirm that your referred MyWallSt member has subscribed and then we will process your reward no later than 72 hours after confirmation. 
  2. You’ll receive a reward payment email from Rybbon with a link to claim and register your prepaid card.
  3. Once you complete the prepaid card registration, your Visa​®​ or Mastercard Prepaid Card number, or digital gift card, will be ready for immediate use.
  4. You will have the option to create a Digital Wallet to secure and easily access your Visa​®​, Mastercard or digital gift card number.

I referred somebody who signed up yesterday, but I still haven’t heard anything about my reward. 

You earn rewards for every paid subscriber that you refer. As we offer a 7-day free trial to all users, that friend who you have referred won’t become a paid subscriber until they complete their trial and have decided that they are happy with the service. You’ll receive your reward within 72 hours of their free trial completion and successful subscription payment. 

Do I need to be a MyWallSt subscriber to refer others?

No, you just need to have a MyWallSt account.

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