Deposit Using Wise (aka TransferWise)

If you want to use Wise to deposit funds into your MyWallSt Advisory investing account, please follow the below steps to do so:


  1. In the Wise app select the 'Recipients' tab
  2. 'Add Recipient'
  3. Select 'Business/Organisation'
  4. For the currency select 'USD'
  5. Enter Business Name, Routing Number, and Account Number (which can be found by selecting '3rd Party' here in your MyWallSt Advisory investing account)
  6. For Account Type select 'Checking'
  7. For Country select 'United States'
  8. Enter the Bank Address
  9. Confirm

You are now ready to send funds to your MyWallSt Advisory investing account.

Using these instructions, the deposit time should not take more than 2-3 working days.

If you do not receive your money into your brokerage account after 3 working days, please send your transfer receipt and your Brokerage Account number to The MyWallSt Advisory team will be able to help locate your funds.

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